Family Based Immigration and Citizenship

We do not take all cases.  We screen our cases carefully to determine if we believe you will prevail on the merits before quoting a fee or accepting your case.  

We handle family based petitions such involving the following scenarios:

1. US Citizen married to undocumented spouse.  If the alien spouse entered without authorization, then we would consider the merits of all available waivers.  If the alien spouse entered with authorization, then we would consider adjustment of status.

All cases require a signed engagement agreement.  

Employment Based Immigration

We handle employment based immigrant and non-immigrant visas.  Typically we have a flat fee agreement that includes a specific amount of time that will be spent on the case before hourly fees accrue.  

Specifically we experience with the following types of positions for H-1B candidates:

  • Engineers
  • Veterinarians 
  • Animal husbandry

Not all positions are appropriate for an H-1B application.

Removal Defense

We are very selective in these cases.  We can handle the bond aspect of your case even if we do not accept the removal defense.  

Some individuals are not eligible for a bond.