Injury Cases

Automobile Accidents

It is important that you retain competent counsel as soon as possible after your collision.  In Kentucky, Basic Reparations Benefits (commonly known as PIP insurance), may cover up to $10,000 of lost wages and medical benefits.  However, it is possible to incurred tens and hundreds of thousands of medical bills in serious accident.  We can help you obtain compensation against the tortfeasor and all available insurance policies.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is a terrible thing for the family of the deceased.  We can handle the estate and the wrongful death case.  We have handled these cases even when the family members lived outside the United States.  


We only take professional malpractice cases against attorneys or doctors when the cases are egregious.

Slip and Fall and Premises Liability

Slip and falls and injuries received on a third party's premises are difficult cases.  But we have successfully handled these cases against large retailers and small landlords.  


We are compassionate about animals.  But the fault in these cases lies with the owners or landlords.  If you were bitten by a dog, then call us to discuss your case.

Tractor Trailer Collisions

Tractor Trailer collisions involve some of our most seriously injured clients.  Do not settle with an adjuster if they call you.  Their interest is with the insurance company.  Call us so we can assist you.